Club Board and Officers

Club Board of Directors

The by-laws of the Club call for elections to be held annually by April 1st to elect leadership positions to the Board of Directors and to the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. 

2020-2021 Elected Board



Gary Hunstiger
(2014 - Present)

Dan Quinn
Vice President

Cal Schwandt

Ray Delcourt



Directors at Large

Larry Anderson
Ray Delcourt
Jerry Gonyo
Diane Heatter
Curt Larson
Tom Nielsen
John Niemann III

Al Pineda
Dan Quinn

Bobbie Riley
Larry Wahlstrom

Glen Yergeau

Gerry Bay

Brent Keil

Stan Petersen


Board nominations open annually in November.  Each position is served as voluntary and on an uncompensated basis.

Once a person is nominated, either by self or by another member, he or she is eligible to run for any position on the Board.  Electronic ballots are emailed to members in Match.  Paper ballots are mailed to members in February or March and due to the club by April 14.   The term of office is one year (starting April 15 annually).  Participation in the voting is limited to active club members.   


Past Leadership and Board Members


Roger Carpenter
President (2000-2014)

Jon (Tork) Fugelstad
Alumni Club Founder, President (1991-2000)

 Past Directors

Julie Andrews

Dominick Archer

Ed Blazek

Reg Bogusch

Stan Carlson

Ron Dilger

Rex Dobey

Nan Duwe

Lou Frantzen

Dave Gillis

Chuck Good

Ron Green

Steve Hoffman

June Hunt

Bob Johnson

Jim Johnson

Lenny Katz

Betty Kelly

Dean Kelsey

Bill King

Marge Narsutis

Mary Palmisano

Gerry Pearsall

Jerry Rutherford

Barbara Salerno

Ray Seranko

Bernie Schelonka

Len Thielen

Steve Troc

Bernie Weinberg

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