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2020 May 27th: Russ Coon

Russ Coon passed away recently, obituary to follow when available.  A graveside service for our beloved friend Russ Coon at 11:00AM this Friday at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar.                        
We are allowed to have as many as would like to come so long as they follow social distancing practices and have an appropriate face mask and are willing to stand. 
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2020 March 13th: ROMEO Brunch

It is interesting to go through life and encounter so many different types of people and so many types of situations.  Today, Friday March 13th, it was 60 degrees with threatening rains, and infectious viruses.  As I was driving towards the General Store, I was thinking how lucky I was to know people who do not hesitate when facing difficult situations.  If the budget was “too aggressive”, we felt comfort with those “in the fox hole”.  When we were,involved in an acquisition or RIF program our companions pulled us through.  When the Killer Bees attacked, never fear, we were together.  It seems we can always call on those partners in retail for almost anything.  So today, please let me know why only Curt Larson and G. Bay gathered around the food table....Pat Johnston did stop by after playing tennis in a monsoon.  We waited, we looked, we checked the patio because we were inside.....nothing! So, it appears that these once animals of retail were shivering behind close doors....was it the fact of it being Friday the 13th, too wet, or hiding from floating germs?  Who knows, but I did have images of them cuddling with blankets and fuzzy kittens around a fire place.  Everybody gets second chances.....we shall see...............................Gerry
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2020 March 6th: ROMEO Brunch

3.8.20It was 82 degrees on the patio where five gathered for another great brunch.  Unfortunately, one picture of Roger Carpenter and Brent did not turn out (fault of the photographer) and I am sure that I will hear from Roger as to my flawed techniques.  Upon request from yours truly Jerry Ostermann brought samples of his Lanzi candy manufactured in small town Indiana by the Amish using his formula.....I immediately tore open the sealed saran type container and tested the product and found it to be delicious, flavorful and very light with the flavors of butterscotch and cashews coming through with every bite.  It is worth the trip to the Uptown Shop on 123 N. York St. in Elmhurst Illinois...630-832-9200 or  Who knew the talents of this man.  Roger was talking about his time in the sun with his wife and indicated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the cowboy museum in Old Town Scottsdale.  Tomorrow he will be attempting to traverse the Apache Trail.  If you don’t see Roger and his wife in the weeks ahead, please contact search and rescue.  I have a feeling he is really looking for the Lost Dutchman mine.  Stan Petersen just recently returned from Kauai where he and Deone participated in the lovely wedding of their son Chris.  The event and week for fantastic with typical winds and some moisture.  We were talking about the coronavirus and the uneasy environment engulfing the world...people buying out of various products of water, toilet paper, Purell type products, face masks and canceling most if not all travel for pleasure, business and otherwise.  The media, unfortunately, feels it is their responsibility to stimulate unrest with the daily reports of increasing infections and individual loss of lives in various cities and states and countries.  It can be concerning even for the most practical of individuals, but throw in the tendency for over reaction and many peoples are almost paralyzed with concern.  Good news....latest developments in the Democratic Presidential candidate run arounds means that at the next debate, most people will know the participants.  Have a great weekend.  Gerry

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2020 February 28th: ROMEO Brunch

carp cThe temperatures were creeping towards 80 degrees today as six astute individuals gathered on the General Store Patio.  Curt Larson has finally returned from his trip to the Southeast to visit the Villages and Marco Island in Florida.  They had a great time and he made mention that one of the best parts of that visit was that beer, wine and mixed cocktails were very there is a man with his priorities straight.  After leaving Florida he headed towards Nashville through Atlanta with the intent of visiting the Trom’s.  He said the traffic through Atlanta was horrendous even on a Saturday but they finally made it to find fairly cool temps.  Brad and Sue were great hosts and showed them the town of music and southern food along with some great home cooking at their home.  Arlyn and Patti are heading back to snowy Utah tomorrow after a wonderful stay in Scottsdale....plenty of golf, visitors and food.  Now, I am sure, he is looking at doing some fishing.  Jerry Ostermann is taking a short junket to Chicago and then heading back next week.  I begged him to bring us some samples of his fine candy next week......we retailers are used to endless amounts of free samples.  Dave Schoenbeck is preparing for his 30 day vacation to New Zealand leaving this Sunday.  Unfortunately, Ellen experienced some extreme discomfort late Wednesday and upon visiting Honor Health emergency discovered the culprit was kidney stones.  Dave is waiting for the outcome of her visit to a urologist this morning.  Hopefully she will be fit to travel.......and most of all, enjoy this wonderful excursion.  We did have a snowbird visitor today in the form of one Roger Carpenter.  He arrived yesterday and is looking forward to a nice warm and sunny visit.  He looked great, but is still battling some neuropathy that creates some minor (my term) mobility issues.  He doesn’t let it slow him down.  Of course we spent some time talking about the volatility of our stock markets.  Frank Stock, the Jim Cramer of Arizona, was absent because of his commitment to getting this thing under control....I attempted to talk to him about it, but I couldn’t understand what he was saying because of his sobbing.  How about the 2020 campaigning?  Elizabeth has thanked her Cherokee family for keeping her on the truth straight and narrow. The nation followed with asking her to finally admit the whole truth about this apparent misleading proclamation.  Joe Biden has accused Bernie of votes on weapons that were too misguided and dangerous.  Bernie indicated that he did at one time support that people could carry a quiver with 12 arrows, but has since changed that amount to six.  Other candidates were also looking into the past of Mr Bloomberg and said his birth certificate has him registered as a republican.  Who do you believe?  Although Mr. Trump continues dialog on all fronts, too many fronts, we don’t have to listen too much about Ms Pelosi....great news.  The threatening pandemic is certainly concerning, especially for ole folks.  Seems you can run but not it because we are so ineffective with our quarantine measures or that human beings just can’t adhere to the safe protocols.  The coronovirus is definitely an attention getter, it is equally concerning that during this latest flu season, 20,000 americans have died as a result.  Let’s hope this slows and becomes less gripping. Everyone, have a safe weekend.  Gerry
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2019 February 21st: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 2484.jpgdThe temperatures were 70 degrees with partially sunny skies with winds whipping the patio umbrellas.  A fearless seven gathered on the patio without concern for their safety.  Dave Schoenbeck was showing his bravado when he ordered chicken fried stead, gravy, eggs and hashbrowns.....boy did it look good.  He and Ellen are about to leave on a 30 day trek to New Zealand on February 28th.  New Zealand Airlines will be escorting them both to Auckland to start their adventure.  He seemed to be hesitant to do bungie jumping and zip lining in you think it is his back?  We can’t wait to hear about their adventures.  Pat Johnston joined the group after leaving the tennis courts...he need eggs benedict to replenish all the calories burned on those clay courts.  Jerry Ostermann is about to leave for the frozen tundra at the end of the upcoming week, but soon to return.  Brent was looking great and telling us that Tom Nielsen, in fact, broke his tibia after falling 5 feet off a ladder a couple of weeks ago.  No surgery is necessary and it will take about 6 to 8 weeks to bounce back.  We missed Curt Larson the last couple of weeks because he took a side journey to Florida for two weeks.  He is everywhere!  Ron Grove indicates that he and Liz are still waiting for a firm offer on their estate.  He was wondering if he should drop the price from it’s current listing of $25 M.  We said to hold off and it is, in fact, a historic residence.  We talked about the challenges of farming and how many small participants have left the business after several generations...the number of diary farmers who have moved on is staggering.  Wes was talking about the equipment necessary to be in that business and how the “average” farmer financed those tools.....many lease.  Wes, being from South Dakota indicates that the stocks he follows daily happen to be Cat and john Deere.  Wonder how many green and yellow trucker hats he has.  Of course we had to talk about the homeless situations, but we didn’t have one firm solution.  Unfortunately there are now signs of tent type gatherings in Phoenix near Washington and 12th Avenue.  It appears that no one is interesting in going on a cruise anytime soon......that industry will be hurting for more than several months.  It does seem, that no one has any firm solutions on curbing the outbreaks. I am happy to say, not one word was mentioned about politics....
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