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2019 October 4th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a great October Friday in the sun on the General Store patio as five people gathered for a brunch of great food and conversation.  Brent Keil was the first to arrive because, now, he has to travel the furthest coming from his new digs in Gilbert.  The man looks great in that he lost 12 pounds in the move which means he is up to a negative 36 pounds so far.  The Keil family is very happy in their interim home as they begin the search for a new permanent home over the course of the next year.  Anything  is up for consideration, except Alaska of course.  This should be fun.  John Spellman was telling us about the fact that his son is in the hospital with a slightly worsening of his heart condition.  They are so pleased that they are dealing with Mayo in that it is a leader in the heart transplants in the US.  They certainly would like to get this search behind them, as you can imagine.  Tom Nielsen sort of meandered in, as he was a little tardy.  I think he can be forgiven and he usually takes Uber to join this illustrious group.  Last week he spent some time in California (he never stops) and he and Mark will be flying to Manitoba and then flying north to mingle with approximately 1000 polar bears.  That definitely would be great.  Frank Stock showed up looking more like Boris Johnson than ever.  I keep asking what his Brexit strategy is, but he just grins.  Those brits!  We did have sometime to discuss the Congressional agenda of the day and how the Biden and Trump family are attempting to discern who has lost their way.......maybe both.  Seems Bernie has health issues and we do hope everything improves.  That sorta of changes the landscape a bit with Wang dramatically increasing his contribution pool by 256%....can you say wild card.  Cory Booker is moving to the side while Elizabeth Warren is attempting momentum....who knows.  Harris is looking for credibility and nothing has come forward as yet.  Amazing how time erodes peoples credibility...perhaps that is why no one with leadership potential and credibility wants to put their hat in the ring. 
Everyone, have a healthy and happy weekend.  Gerry


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