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2019 November 1st: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 2361.jpgaIt was a sunshine, 70 degree day on the General Store Patio for the four souls that gathered for some great food, and boy did they eat.  Tom Nielsen, usually a conservative selector, chose a cheeseburger and onion rings for his brunch meal.  He did have the tomato and onions on the side, thank heavens.  Brent Keil followed suit with a Southwestern Burger also accompanied by the deep fried rings of joy.  Lee Hoekstra did stick to breakfast with yours truly and we were the healthy twosome with fried eggs, meat and potatoes....we did have butter on our bread selection. 
It was great to see Lee who has been committed to the tundra portion of our state in Prescott.  His golf course community is doing well and he indicates that 60 percent of the residents are year around with vacationers/snowbirds being the remaining 40 percent.  No snow has been seen as yet, but sleet did show its ugly side.  Everything with the Hoekstra clan is well with Marguerite currently spending a couple of weeks in the Chicago area.
Tom is leaving Sunday, with Mark, to fly to Winnipeg and then traveling near the Artic to spend time with hoards of polar bears as they go through their annual seal food ritual.  It sounds a bit chilly at the moment, so the men will be bundling up.  Joan has taken the high road on this and is staying in the Valley of the Sun.
Brent and Carol have settled in to their new digs and just finished putting up 18 it is home.  They are very happy in their new surroundings and it sounds like they are discovering a number of new feeding spots.  Carol will be traveling to Rockford in a couple of weeks leaving Brent to fend for himself. I hope she has given the sheriffs a heads up.
We spent some time talking about healthcare in the US and the offerings of other countries for those not insured here.  Thailand and India seem to be leaders in offering greatly discounted prices on elective and non-elective procedures in first class facilities with US educated physicians.  Think of it, quadruple bi-pass with a post-op stay on the beach of Phuket for 25% on the dollar.  Also seems the Walgreens and CVS are making changes in their retail environments.  Walgreens is closing and removing over 200 of their medical clinics and adding Jennie Craigs.  CVS in January is changing all their stores operating hours to mirror the hours of the pharmacies...for example, if the pharmacy is open 9 to 6 on Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sunday, the total store will be the same.  Interesting.
Updates: Sharon McGovern is improving and will not require surgery or rehab and Mo Murray is well enough to travel to Washington DC to visit his daughter with his wife Annie
Curt Larson has returned from his river cruise adventure in Europe and enjoyed it thoroughly although there was some wind and rain on several days.  That is like summer for Curt.

Everyone, have a great weekend.   Gerry

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