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2020 January 3rd: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 2426.jpgnWell, on the 3rd day of January in Scottsdale, the sun was shinning and the temperatures were 60 degrees on the patio of the General Store as 8 gathered to recap a wonderful Christmas Holiday and New Year.  The patio welcomed special guests in the form of Betty and Jerry LaPointe, all the way from New Hampshire.  They came here for the famous Arizona temperatures and landed in freezing temperatures....what the heck happened?  They are staying with Jerry’s cousin in DC ranch and definitely enjoying Scottsdale and Phoenix regardless of the cooler temps.  They haven’t changed a bit and are very active back home.  Jerry has been sanding his sail boat in preparation for a repaint and you can imagine, know his perfection nature, it has been a long and arduous journey.  It will go to the painter in March.  They are discussing the boats next step, but they will definitely want to keep their feet in the lake’s waters in some form or another.  They still see ole friends in the form of Yergeau, Yeaton, Quint and of course, Wahlstroms.  Great having them around the table....time has stood still.  Another dusty traveler wandered over in the form of a man called Tripp.  His holidays were filled with children and grandchildren and his time was spent gathering them around camp fires.......not sure if they were like what we have all experienced with him, but he obviously is still building fire.  Tom Endicott took time away from his acting and he and Brent spent time telling all about their lives in Gilbert.  Carol has really taken a liking to that part of the Valley and even is almost willing to put up with Brent’s antics.  Jerry Ostermann made his first visit from Chicago....he probably left warmer climates there....not for long, though.  Frank Stock took a break from managing the stock market...not sure if he was involved in the Iranian General strike, but I wish he had managed the fallout better.  His knee is giving him a bother or two and the Doc seemed to indicated could control the discomfort with losing a pound or two....sounds familiar doesn’t it.  I think surgery sounds easier, but not Frank.  John Spellman is in Maui managing the PGA tournament there, as usual this time of year.  A lot of conversation about Illinois’s 2020 tax programs and legalized pot sales........A comedian just said that when you are in debt, people tend to gravitate to selling drugs.......It would be funny if the politicians had a clue...but they don’t.  Lots of discussions about how Walgreen’s management and focus has changed.  It will be interesting to see where Rite Aid goes in 2020 and what impact CVS’s health and wellness initiatives take product just services, sort of.  I think I am glad to just hang with my Golden Retriever!  Gerry

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