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2020 January 10th: ROMEO Brunch

Capture.JPGlYou can see the deep blue skies and very mild winds (look at the flags) on this Friday in the 60 degree temperatures....I have applied the Chamber of Commerce factor to the weather and rounded up from 58 we gathered on the General Store Patio.  Last week we were blessed with the LaPointes from New England, and this week, look what the tundra in North Dakota blew in...Mr. Curt Larson.  He arrived last Friday afternoon after a lengthy drive thru ice and snow before settling into his rental home in Trilogy near Gilbert Arizona.  He has been filling the home with all the food and drink essential for a four month stay....Total Wine stock just experienced a sharp increase due to unexpected increases in revenue in their Gilbert location.  Wearing Bison colors, he looked like a man who is enjoying the 70 degree increase in temperatures.  Dick Davis passed on some concerning news regarding Sandy and her current treatments for lymphoma.  The first of 6 treatments just began and the prognosis is positive for her recovery.  Pat Johnston and Sandy just came in from Delaware after family time during the holidays.  The man is ageless and is visiting a lot of tennis courts to get in his exercise.  Truth be known, Sandy seems to be a stronger player. Their family is doing well, and their grandkids are growing up quickly.  Seems one is old enough to begin thinking about college.....oh boy.  They had a great trip in 2019 with Sandy’s extending family and have chosen a repeat at Mackinac Island.  Sounds fun. Dave Schoenbeck indicates that his back discomfort still rears its ugly head and he is edging his way back into golf.  Ellen had a little mishap with an electric bike when four of them enjoying the Valley of the Sun sunshine.  She hit a rock in the road and traveled over the handle bars and scrapped himself quit a bit.  Thank heavens for the helmet and the fact there were no broken bones or serious injuries....plenty of soreness though.  Jerry Ostermann indicates that he is not considering any international expeditions, but his wife is looking at a trip back to Japan before April...wonderful country.  Frank Stock decided it was more important to eat than watch the market, and, as a result, we lost money today.  Come on Frank! Next week Frank and Carolyn will be traveling to Hawaii with friends from Arkansas so we are on our own.  Good thing we don’t pay him.  Brent found his way back to Scottsdale and we are glad he did.  He is still working in his consulting capacity and has been on numerous conference calls this week....General Merchandise and category management is on the move! John Spellman spent a few days in Maui working at the PGA tournament at Kapalua as he does every year.  Just a short trip this year. If anyone is down in Gilbert, feel free to stop by Curt’w winter digs.....he is fully stocked..but I don’t know for how long.  Mr. Ron Grove has returned from the midwest and Lake of the Ozarks,  Ron has been looking at the new electric cars being released and is very enamored with the Mustang E.  The first requests are full, but that will not slow down this man.  He has that look in his eye.  Ron also recently had some problem with his garage.  He was attempting to pull in to unload Costco purchases when an earthquake or some other natural phenomenon caused the wall of the garage to move and it scraped his automobile.  Damndest thing he has ever experienced.  Sounds like something that happened to me.  Oh well.  The house is currently listed and interested parties are looking at it this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Gerry

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