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2020 January 17th: ROMEO Brunch

CaptureDeep blue skies greeted winter travelers from Utah and Illinois as they began their snow bird adventures.  Alway good to see Arlyn for his annual sun and warm temperature visits.  He and Patti arrived las week and have been testing the quality of certain desert courses.  So far, so good.  The White family is doing well and Arlyn indicated that his son that was in Japan for a number of years is now working at Cambridge University.  The Japan university wanted to grant him tenure but he more preferred the country of England focusing on a robotic they interact and relate to humans.  I don’t even do that very well.  Big undertaking.  Arlyn was asking about acquaintances from the past...Jim Willyard....where is he and what is he doing?  Larry Wahlstrom..he and Mary Gail are looking to come to the Valley of the sun the last week of January.  They were coming for 5 to 6 weeks, but MG’s right knee decided to break down and request a replacement which is scheduled for February 11th.  Neil Stacey.....not seen much but still playing lots of golf and participates in an annual outing with Tom Dieterle, Bob Potter, Dave Schoenbeck and group. The Illinois contingent showed up in the forms of Gary Castle and Dennis Pierini.  The Castles are doing well and, for a hobby, looking at properties in Trilogy in Tonto where they live in Troon, but looking for one level floor plan....something to that.  Dennis arrived a week ago with his wife and 13 year ole Golden Retriever.  I am surprised he could lift his 750 lb Harley in Chicago.  The man is crazed.  He also enjoys target shooting using one of his six handguns.  I understand his wife is a better shot.  The Pierinis always spend their winters in Fountain Hills......very enjoyable.  Always nice to warm up in our sunshine while putting 2000 miles between themselves and all the critical comments regarding the out of control taxes and legislature.  Positive thoughts to all and wishes for a great weekend.  Gerry

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