A Message from Roger Carpenter, Club President

Each year at this time I compose a short note to our membership and former colleagues to encourage participation in our Alumni Club.  On behalf of your current board of directors I would like to ask that you give serious consideration to making a small personal commitment to assist in moving our Club forward. I would like to make an appeal on two fronts.  The first is your attendance at our scheduled social events.  The second is volunteering to assist in the planning/organizing of the club by offering to be a candidate for our board of directors. I will provide a few thoughts below on each of these topics.

Let’s begin with some commentary on the absolute magic in the air that surrounded our 75th Anniversary Reunion Celebration.  I truly hope that you were able to attend and experience the enthusiasm, reminiscing, and friendship that emanated.  We had about 275 ‘Oscoites’ in attendance and healthy representation from Sav-on.  A great many arrived from out of town, and all attending “on their own buck”.  I seriously doubt that there was one person at the Pheasant Run Resort event that didn’t think it was a wise and justifiable expenditure to be present and share in the good-times. 

Our first front: Why do we typically have only 45-55 members and spouses participating in our social functions held semi-annually in Chicago and annually in Phoenix?   Granted something as special as a 75 year anniversary doesn’t come around very often but those of us that attend the regular functions have a terrific time and share lots of camaraderie about “the good ol’ days”.  No, we don’t expect those of you that live in the “Hinterlands” (Byron Luke terminology) to attend every event.  But we do make every attempt to get plans made and announced in Connections and on the website far enough in advance that those of you from more distant locations might be able to group our event with some other activities in Chicago (or Phoenix).  Many of you have children, grandchildren or friends in the area so plan ahead and catch your Osco friends whenever you can.

For our Chicagoland and Midwest members, you really have no excuse.  WE NEED YOU to personally help sustain the vitality and excitement of the club.  If you have never attended one of our social functions, give it a try.  I guarantee that you will have a good time!  If you are an occasional attendee, use the advance Connections announcements to pencil in he date so that you don’t miss an event.  If you are a regular, we love having you and sharing your companionship, but next time, bring a couple of your former associates that never or rarely attend so that they will become regulars.  You get the picture!
These events are just too enjoyable to share with only 45-55 that normally attend.  There is no reason that we shouldn’t have 100-150+ alums, spouses, friends and others at our social get-togethers.  The more the merrier!  (However, we will need to adjust some of our event planning and hosting sites when our group reaches that size.)  Please mail your check or reserve on line via PayPal at least 10 days in advance so that we can make a proper commitment for food.  While we will never turn away last minute attendees, it is difficult for the caterer if we have more eaters than plates and chairs.  

Our second front:  We are at this time assembling a slate of candidates for the club’s 2013-2014 board of directors.  Would you consider offering your servicers for a director-at-large position?  Unless you are the president, webmaster, administrative assistant, or hospitality chairman, the time commitment is not large.  We typically plan two annual social events and hold 3-4 board meetings per year that run about 2-4 hours in duration.  Time commitments between these meetings would depend on your responsibilities but, with the above exceptions, are typically no more than an hour or two per month.  Specialized skills are not needed -- we do on the job training.  The only qualifier is someone that cares about Osco/Sav-on and people.  I’ll be honest with you...  we have a lot of fun at our board meetings too.  Please call, email or write me at the contacts below if you would like more information or to discuss your ideas or candidacy.

In recent years our business, or former business, has undergone numerous corporate reorganizations and continue to do so.  The drug store business structure of Osco and Sav-on as well as the drug store heritage and culture has all but disappeared.  I think the Alumni Club can play a vital role in providing the vehicle to sustain the many friendships and bonds between us and to carry the drugstore culture and relationships forward.  However, we need YOU in the picture to make it happen.  Please give thoughtful consideration to how you might make a larger contribution or participate more fully with your Alumni friends.

The gift of love, the gift of peace, the gift of health, the gift of giving... May all these be yours this Christmas!

Roger Carpenter
Osco/Sav-on Alumni Club
Home Phone: (630) 961-0285
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