Revlon Run/Walk for Women

19 years ago, my boss gave me the "assignment" of being the contact person between Sav-on Drug and the Revlon Walk.

My first exposure to what the world of Women's cancers was like began as I met and was touched by husbands who had lost their Wives and the Mothers of their children. As I listened to their stories about the courage their partners had shown in this desperate battle to stay here long enough to raise their children, I for the very first time began to think about what a Mother really is...

It was then that I began to understand what it must be like to hear a diagnosis that you are in a battle for your very life and that the treatment course in front of you is not just going to be difficult and painful, but it is going to rob you of your hair as well. That everyone around you is going to see there is something wrong with you and there is nothing you can do about it. But all of that pales into insignificance as you begin to wonder if you will be able to be there for your family, as you begin to worry not about yourself, but about those you love.

It was my Mother-in-Law who finally helped me to understand that Mothers never stop worrying about their children, never. It is the ultimate irony that while they are fighting for their lives, Mothers are more worried about the impact of them not being there to watch over the ones they love.

Over the years, as I brought the team each year, I began to lose friends, good friends, after watching them go through their terrible battles. I lost Armida, and Bea and Paulette and my co-worker Stacy.

But what I've also seen is the change from the first years when almost everyone was wearing a shirt that said "I'm walking in memory of..." to the more recent years where the vast majority of people are wearing shirts saying "I'm walking in support of..." and the person pictured on the shirt is walking too!

Thanks to the efforts of so many over the years, now there are more and more stories like Jeannette's, my co-worker who three years ago was given the terrible diagnosis and who went through the treatments, and who never doubted that she had lots of friends in her corner, pulling for her, praying for her. She had the courage, she fought the fight, the doctors did their part, the treatments that have been developed over past 20 years did their part, and today she is healthy and back to the business of living.

I will keep walking and bringing a team until these cancers are cured, I invite everyone to get involved with this great event. Every year I am thankful that my wife Annie has been spared this agony, everyone knows that she is the love of my life. I would be lost without her...

Join me and Team 3 Returns, we'll be coming for the 19Th year in a row, join us at the Revlon Run Walk for Women. Help us end these terrible diseases and ensure that in the future nobody's Mother, Sister, or Daughter has to go through this awful experience again.

It's the very best way to say "I Love You" to your Mother, Wife, Daughter or Sister, I promise you.


Over the past years, when the team was affiliated with Sav-on or the other company names we had, I was able to get vendors to sponsor the costs, but now, as an individual, I need your help.

This year, because I no longer have those corporate sponsors to offset the cost of the team shirts and the BBQ, I have connected with Lee from GoodThreads and his company is going to give us a huge discount on shirts and you will be able to order them and prepay for your BBQ lunch by just clicking the link I've attached below.

The shirt is beautiful, and the total price for both shirt and BBQ lunch is only $15.00.

See you on May 11th! If you have any questions , please drop me an email or give me a call.
Dan Quinn-714-697-0301   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dan Quinn

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