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2019 July 15th: Jaishri Grant

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It is with the deepest sorrow and sadness to inform you on the passing of Jaishri Grant on July 15th 2019. Jaishri passed away in the presence of her loving husband James who stood by her side every step as she battled with cancer over the years. Jaishri survived multiple battles with cancer as well as 2 stem cell transplants.

Jaishri as most of us can relate to was an amazing individual who was kind, loving and selfless towards every individual who was privileged in encountering her passion and intensity. She was a fighter and always had a positive attitude and wanted the best for everyone – friend, family member and customer. She was a mentor and an inspiration to many of the young pharmacists and other leaders as she brought corporate diversity, professionalism and pharmacy connections during her role as a Savon Drugs Pharmacy Manager in multiple locations as well as the 4th Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) president.

Regardless of her personal challenges, Jaishri continued being an integral part of both the Savon and IPA families. She was always sharing her sewing creations with others including a quilt for the Wounded Warrior Project donated on behalf of the Savon Drugs Alumni Club.

We have truly lost a passionate and sincere individual.

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