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Welcome to the OSCO/SAVON Alumni Club Website! 

The Alumni Club was founded in 1992 by former employees of Osco Drug and Sav-on Drugs drugstore chains and is not affiliated with the current management and entity that owns the former Osco Drug and Sav-on Drug stores.  The Club is about PEOPLE... membership is open to past and present employees of Osco Drug, Sav-on Drugs,  Jewel Osco and their predecessor and successor companies:  SUPERVALU, Albertsons, American Drug Stores, American Stores Company and affiliates: Jewel Food Stores, Star Market,  Lucky Food Stores, Buttrey Food & Drug, Skaggs Drug Centers, Crest Photo Labs, Turn*Style, Republic Lumber, RxAmerica and Health'n'Home retail divisions.  The  Alumni Club is composed of those former Osco and Sav-on associates that spent years of their life together doing their best to make the organization as successful as it became.  These folks also became great friends having a desire to maintain a social linkage.

The PURPOSE of the Osco Sav-on Alumni Club is to provide contact and communications with individuals who were at one time employees.  Because those relationships are important and remain an integral part of that individual’s life, the aim of the club shall be to provide an opportunity to continue those friendships through newsletters, and period get-togethers of Club members.  Though the common bond of work is severed, it is much consequence that these friendships are maintained.  This mission statement was incorporated into the by-laws of the organization.

 The Alumni Network supports its members by providing a community to:
• Stay Connected and Informed
• Grow your Professional Network
• Participate in Social Activities
• Share Ideas and Innovation

Please REGISTER to obtain a user ID.  Registration is free.  The user ID you are issued allows you to access additional content on the website.  Access to all content on the website requires a paid membership.

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P.O. Box 1024    
Lombard, IL 60148-8024

Tel: 123-456-7890

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