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2020 March 6th: ROMEO Brunch

It was 82 degrees on the patio where five gathered for another great brunch. Unfortunately, one picture of Roger Carpenter and Brent did not turn out (fault of the photographer) and I am sure that I will hear from Roger as to my flawed techniques. Upon request from yours truly Jerry Ostermann brought samples of his Lanzi candy manufactured in small town Indiana by the Amish using his formula.....I immediately tore open the sealed saran type container and tested the product and found it to be delicious, flavorful and very light with the flavors of butterscotch and cashews coming through with every bite. It is worth the trip to the Uptown Shop on 123 N. York St. in Elmhurst Illinois...630-832-9200 or Who knew the talents of this man. Roger was talking about his time in the sun with his wife and indicated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the cowboy museum in Old Town Scottsdale. Tomorrow he will be attempting to traverse the Apache Trail. If you don’t see Roger and his wife in the weeks ahead, please contact search and rescue. I have a feeling he is really looking for the Lost Dutchman mine. Stan Petersen just recently returned from Kauai where he and Deone participated in the lovely wedding of their son Chris. The event and week for fantastic with typical winds and some moisture. We were talking about the coronavirus and the uneasy environment engulfing the world...people buying out of various products of water, toilet paper, Purell type products, face masks and canceling most if not all travel for pleasure, business and otherwise. The media, unfortunately, feels it is their responsibility to stimulate unrest with the daily reports of increasing infections and individual loss of lives in various cities and states and countries. It can be concerning even for the most practical of individuals, but throw in the tendency for over reaction and many peoples are almost paralyzed with concern. Good news....latest developments in the Democratic Presidential candidate run arounds means that at the next debate, most people will know the participants. Have a great weekend. Gerry

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