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2022 April 21st: ROMEO Brunch

Who would not want to gather in 80 degree weather with blue skies and the ever present desert sun? Ron Grove was especially giddy after his residential escrow closed yesterday and the jingle of cash was dancing in his and Liz’s pockets as they looked forward to their next adventure. He indicated that he will be spending two weeks at his daughters casa before venturing east to the Lake of the Ozarks for his next longer stop…as you remember, their new home will not be ready for one year. He looked great. Curt Larson is preparing his travels to the Northeast even though they just had 6 inches of new snow with more to come. North Dakota always brings surprises…they will be driving back. Frank Stock has been working hard to stabilize these financial markets, but, as we know, he is not perfect. He is also getting injections into his knees in hopes of a rejuvenation. So far, moderate success. Carolyn, his wife, is doing well. Brent Keil will not be going back to Minnesota for June fishing this spring, but will venture north in August. He indicates that he and the doctor are looking for a cure to his fluctuating blood pressure issues and they are trying different combinations of new and old medications. Hey, he is a pharmacist…they know everything. He and Carol are planning on staying in Gilbert and are very happy being renters in that fine community. Pat Johnston shared information on his volunteering time with the Kiwanis and upon being asked,informed us of the objectives of that organization. Youth is the main focus in regards to quality of life and educational needs…very worthy undertakings. Pat also shared a recommendation for a movie in the theaters called Air…the story of Phil Knight, Nike and early partnerships with Michael Jordan. Pat will be heading east in early June.

We did discuss some objective thoughts on the challenges of homelessness,care of animals and our challenges in general.

What is clear, it does not matter the cause of our current predicaments we all have to immediately undertake solutions. How can we justify the images of the shanties and filth we see on the side of the roads in Oregon, Washington, LA. San Francisco, San Diego, etc. They must be cleared and the monies being spent better directed to reinforce the beginnings of relocations. Easier said than done…but must start.

Next, flash crime of the country’s youth has to be curtailed…don’t worry, we won’t demonize…but set an expectation of Identification, arrest, due process and recourse…gosh that is common sense, correct.

Just my thought…of someone wants to be angry…ok…if someone wants to demand…ok…if someone wants a free voice…ok…destruction, harm, something for nothing…………………………………………………………

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