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Ken Walker

Ken Walker sent us the following article:

This past winter, like most winters, we find a lot of Alumni paying a visit to our community. This year we began with a small group having lunch once a week with Dick Davis. We lovingly called it “Lunch with Dick”.

As the year passed, our attendee list grew to quite a nice group of folks. Our weekly attendance usually averaged somewhere from 4 to 8 people. The core group was Tork Fuglestad, Gerry Bay, Ken Walker and Dick Davis. Frequent attendees also were Ron Grove, Pat Johnston, Gary Hunstiger, Warren McClure (Hallmark) John McGovern and Jeff Brune. Other attendees over the months were Al Hoskins (who passed away in March 2011), Arlyn White, Bill Bates, Tom Nielsen, Brent Keil and Curt Larson.

We circulated to a couple of restaurants for a while but eventually settled on a weekly favorite, “The General Store” which has a great patio setting where we gathered each week. We pretty much rehashed a good 60 or more years of Osco/Savon history over the weeks and recanted many great stories of the company during each of our tenures. The General Store serves Breakfast every day until 2:30 and also serves lunch. Many of the attendees chose breakfast due to it being their favorite meal of the day. It had no reflection to their sleeping in as most are early risers and have already had a busy morning by the time they get to the event.

As the event continued on over several weeks, we eventually became known as the ROMEO Club. (ROMEO is the acronym for “Retired Old Men Eating Out”). It has no reflection on our romantic skills whatsoever!

The weekly lunches ceased for the year in mid April when the snowbirds migrated back to the North. They will begin again in October 2011 upon the return of the ‘Birds’. If anyone is interested in being added to the mailing list for the weekly details, please email and we will add you to the distro. We would enjoy the opportunity for you to join us for lunch this fall.

Tork Fuglestad, Bill Bates, Curt Larson, Ken Walker and Dick Davis

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