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Kroger $2.5M "Simply The Best" Private Brand Commercial

  • This year Cincinnati-based grocer Kroger spent an estimated $2.5M (iSpot) on a BOLD TV commercial during the AFC Championship Game promoting its eponymous own brands. The ad avoids the "As good as or better than" trope which has dominated traditional private label in favor of a BOLD and Confident message:

  • The voiceover begins "When you get proven quality at lower-than-low prices with Kroger brand products, it feels like you're winning, "Tina Turner's iconic raspy voice kicks in "You're Simply the best better than all the rest, You're Simply the best." The narrator picks up, "Find the proven quality you love at lower-than-low prices with Kroger brand products."

  • The spot is brought to life with the retailers ever presented almond-head animated characters and a variety of cameos from Kroger Owned brand products.

  • This ad brought back many memories with the OSCO DRUG Theme "Simply the Best" utilized for several years.

SOURCE: Velocity Institute 3/13/23

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