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Larry Wahlstrom

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Larry Wahlstrom…The Wahlstrom family is enjoying life and “Making Everyday a Great Day”. We live in Laconia, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee. It is the largest lake in NH and we just love being here. It is about two hours to Boston, one hour to the Ocean, and close to several mountain ranges.

Most importantly it is about one hour away from the grandkids. Heather and her husband Brian have Evan (12) and Tyler (10). Stephanie and her husband Tom have Abigail (Abby)(12) and Trevor (10). Dean is single and lives in Boston. All three if our kids are Pharmacist. Most of our activities are centered around enjoying our grandkids. I have taken up golf strictly for the exercise and started skiing again so I can be on the mountain with the kids. Mary Gail enjoys working in the yard and keeping our forest across the street looking like a park. Of course, anything to do with the lake except ice fishing is also on the agenda. For our best vacation we went to Africa for three weeks. Two weeks in Kenya and one week in Tanzania. The wildlife was amazing and although the people have very little they were happy and extremely gracious. We went with a group of people from our local area and after bouncing around Africa for three weeks together we have become lasting friends. Our fondest memories of time spent with Osco were the meetings we had that really reinforced our culture. I don’t remember a single goal and objective but I do remember the relationships that were built and the fun we had. So many companies today do not include the spouses but I think that was so important to why we felt like a family.

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