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Sodexo to Open Autonomous Grocery Stores on College Campuses

Checkout-free grocery shopping will debut at the University of Denver on April 6th.

  • Gaithersburg, Md.-based Sodexo said an Eat>NOW autonomous grocery store will open at the U. of Denver offering "frictionless, checkout-free orders and payment".

  • The concept is launching with AI platform, AiFi- whose other retail partners include Aldi(German) Carrefour (French) and Morrisons (UK) and will roll out to campuses across the U.S.

  • Students want three things: Convenience, Choice, and Quality according to Sodexo research, often in that order.

  • Beyond the Eat>NOW launch, Sodexo is partnering with YoKai Express to introduce ramen vending machines on campuses and with Virtual Dining Concepts, the virtual restaurant brands including MrBeastBurger, Mariah's Cookies, and Buddy V's Cake Slice. The virtual concepts are up and running at Gonzaga U. in Spokane, Washington - students place their orders for delivery through Sodexo's Bite App for universities that deliver directly to dorm rooms via robots.

  • Sodexo called the three initiatives a "massive play to innovate campuses food service".

SOURCE: Winsight Grocery Business

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