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Where Are They Now...Bill Harbecke

Bill Harbecke…We have the health issues normal for aging folks during a pandemic. Don't want to give the impression that we are either happy about it or feeling worse than average. We are living in the Phoenix area.

For fun we mostly do grand-kids things and travel. Oops that was 2 years ago now just grand-kids things. My children gave me a Hawks jersey for Christmas, I had wanted one for some time with #3 Keith Magnuson featured but never bought one for myself!

We have been blessed with several great trips, but I would have to say that the most memorable was a 3-week trip to South Africa. It included several cities, a personally guided tour on the Garden Route, a few days stay on the beach of the Indian Ocean with a stop in Kruger National Park for wildlife viewing. All that plus a 3-day layover in Amsterdam on the way home.

Not sure where to start, too fortunate to pick one out a fondest memory! In my time in Accounting I worked with JFS, White Hen Pantry, Corporate, TurnStyle/Osco. I would say the last few years in the special project area as liaison to the Eastern and then Western Regions stand out as a real privilege.

In Real Estate all of the stops were great in their own way. I truly loved everything about Real Estate from the site identification to the presentations, lease/purchase negotiations and yes, even the Real Estate Committee. Most unusual at least was in the early 90's when Osco needed to enter the Chicago Loop to satisfy commitments to third party plans. At the time I was overseeing drugstore real estate and was therefore able to assign myself to the project. We were still building side by side suburban locations so the idea of a 7k sq. ft. store with no parking, a backroom four stories down, no semi-trailer delivery and limited signage at the huge cost of downtown locations was really interesting.

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