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Where Are They Now: Dan Quinn

Daniel Quinn… Annie and I are doing Great! We are still living in Yorba Linda, California about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. Love the weather, but the taxes and politics are crazy! It's been 33 years and 10 months since our first date, and we are both so lucky to have found each other when we did. We are blessed with 12 amazing grandchildren, so that keeps Annie really busy keeping track of birthdays! Jakob and Isabella are both in college and our youngest, Giuliana,is now 11 years old.

Annie is still working at CVS part time and I work for a small company that helps hospitals save water and fight infection. For fun, we enjoy every minute we spend together, lunches, dinners, movies, and of course those birthday parties!

We’ve taken 2 vacations that tie for the BEST! About 20 years ago we spent a magical week in Tahiti, absolutely like heaven on earth. For our 20th we spent 1 week in DC and 1 week in New York, wow both were totally unforgettable.

Some of my Osco and Sav-on fondest memories are from 1991 to 1997 when I was part of the Customer Service team, and I was privileged to travel to every market and get to meet so many amazing people. At every level of the business, from the photo labs to the distribution centers to the Loss Prevention Team and of course all of the men and women of Osco and Sav-on Store and Pharmacy Operations, from Boston to Kansas City, Butte Montana, Green Bay, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno, not to mention Chicago and Indianapolis and of course Los Angeles, it was a dream job and one that I have always felt very blessed to have had. Thanks to every DM and Pharmacy Supervisor and Store Manager and employee who over those years truly helped me learn that it's all about THE PEOPLE...On both sides of the counter.

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