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2006 September 26: Shirley King

The Club has been informed of the death of Shirley King, 81, who passed away on September 26, 2006 in at the Rosewood Care Center. Shirley was a member of the Club and wife of member Bill King, a 30-year Osco veteran who preceded her in death on March 25, 1998. Cheryl Gherna, Shirley's daugher wrote, “Mom was diagnosed in May 2006 with advanced breast cancer metastasis in her bones. We thought she might have six months or more, but complicating infections weakened her and her condition deteriorated more quickly. She passed peacefully without pain; both my sister and I were with her. As I look through the Alumni Club Directory, I see many names, I remember not only from my childhood as my parents’ friends, but also people I worked with/for in my 26 years with Osco.”

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