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2008 November 17: Steve Pimper

Steve Pimper, who worked for Skaggs, Sav-On, American Drug Stores for 35 years, passed away on November 17th at the age of 64. Steve is survived by his wife Janice, six children and four grandchildren.

Steve was a talented merchandiser, buyer, and advertiser. When the Osco and Sav-On Drug Stores were combined into one large organization under American Drug Stores, Steve was a key figure in representing the unique needs of the western stores in the company.

Outside of business, Steve had many other interests and talents. He was one of those individuals who, given a few notes or words, could name any given popular song of the era. He had a very significant record collection, and in retirement spent time buying and selling records on EBay. He would say, “if you need a copy of a song, I’ve got it.”

He knew and loved sports, and helped coach high school basketball, football, and baseball for Copper Hills High School in the Salt Lake City Valley. He helped maintain the schools sports website, and also kept statistics for MaxPrep, a website devoted to high school athletics. In earlier years, when Steve was working in Las Vegas he kept statistics for Jerry Tarkanian, the UNLV Rebels coach.Steve was a good man and a good person, and will be missed by all who knew him.

For a touching tribute to Steve please visit this link which has an article that appeared on the website on November 25.

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