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2015 January 3: Ken Whitlock

Ken Whitlock, 76, of Laveen, AZ passed away on January 3, 2015. Ken joined the Army in 1961, serving two years.

After the Army he worked at Sav-on Drug store, where he worked from 1958-1961 and then a Pharmacy clerk from 1963 to 1965. He took two years from 1966-1968 to work as a shipyard sheet metal mechanic. In 1968-1985 he went back to Sav-on as a Store Manager. Loving the outdoors, he pursued a career in the trucking industry where he could travel throughout the United States. He settled in AZ for the love of the desert and his obsession with ghost towns and military history. He also loved to go to Max's Sports Bar and play the horses and the dog races. Ken is survived by Kerri Dennis (Daughter), Alvie Dennis(Son-in-law) Candice Dennis (Granddaughter), Chaz Dennis(Grandson), Kendra Beal (Daughter), Marty Beal (Son-in law), Elaine Whitlock Daunhauer (Sister).

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