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2016 November 16: Marty Shuey

Marty Shuey passed away on Wednesday afternoon, November 16, 2016. Those who knew him from his many years as a Pharmacist in Butte will see him in the following obituary authored by him in the weeks before his passing.

“I was born 3-9-35 in Cook County Hospital in Chicago. At the age of seven I was shipped by train to be raised by my uncle on a ranch in the middle of South Dakota. After High School I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served in Korea until the Division was pulled out. I chose to stay in the Far East for the rest of my enlistment.

I Enrolled in South Dakota State College - met the girl who was to become the Love of my Life and my Wife for the rest of my life - 58 years. My wife, Marilyn and twin girls, Bobbie and Beckie finished the last three years of Pharmacy school with me.

We moved to Montana with Osco Drug, from there went to Uptown Skaggs, Downtown Skaggs, Marty's Pharmacy for 18 years, Buttrey's, and Smiths—both on the flat and on Excelsior Street—for a total of 32 years of pharmacy in Butte.

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