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2020 January 31st: ROMEO Brunch

The sun and blue skies were apparent as 6 hearty gentlemen(?) gathered on the patio of the General Store for another Friday of good food and banter. We had two attendees new to this chaos in the form of Terry Hanson and Bob Vonderhaar, who traveled all the way from Firerock CC in Fountain Hills where both are year round residents. I am surprised that Terry was not in Bison colors as he was the quarterback at the University only a few years ago.....or so it seems. Of course he attended the latest bowl game in Frisco Texas, which they won, along with the likes of Brad Trom. Brad, it seems, has been seen wearing his cleats and pads some days around Nashville. If you don’t take your medication as prescribed, those things happen. For some reason, Curt Larson missed this last game, but he was in a bar in Mesa with hundreds of Bison fans cheering along...never too far from food and drink. Terry looked great considering that he recently has been battling the by product of having his appendix rupture. Quite a lengthy battle for sure. Bob looked great as well. It seems that he keeps busy getting injections into his knee looking to avoid surgery. Ron Grove, we find out, is going to the same Orthopedists and was on his way after lunch for injections as well. We attempted to convince both of them that surgery was the way to go, but they wouldn’t even make eye contact. Ron has been having some activity around the sale of his home, but nothing final. It is a beautiful estate and one that will be swept up. I am not sure if he still has the basket and tennis courts, music studio, and home theater for 50, but he still has some great amenities. Kevin Tripp was in attndance to tell the group about his fishing expeditions in Alaska and talking about all his bear friends that he has met over the last 15 years. Perhaps he has spent a wee bit too much time by himself up there. Arlyn White and Patty are enjoying their winter stay by playing golf and enjoying family and visiting grandkids. This may be hard for some to believe but we did reference some political discussions hoping that our hard working Congress would move past sound bytes and focus on worthy endeavors. I guess worthy endeavors has different meaning for different folks. Sitting in the sun was fantastic, but our group grew restless when Bob began talking about colonoscopies. Perhaps we had overstayed......................

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