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2020 March 13th: ROMEO Brunch

It is interesting to go through life and encounter so many different types of people and so many types of situations. Today, Friday March 13th, it was 60 degrees with threatening rains, and infectious viruses. As I was driving towards the General Store, I was thinking how lucky I was to know people who do not hesitate when facing difficult situations. If the budget was “too aggressive”, we felt comfort with those “in the fox hole”. When we were,involved in an acquisition or RIF program our companions pulled us through. When the Killer Bees attacked, never fear, we were together. It seems we can always call on those partners in retail for almost anything. So today, please let me know why only Curt Larson and G. Bay gathered around the food table....Pat Johnston did stop by after playing tennis in a monsoon. We waited, we looked, we checked the patio because we were inside.....nothing! So, it appears that these once animals of retail were shivering behind close doors....was it the fact of it being Friday the 13th, too wet, or hiding from floating germs? Who knows, but I did have images of them cuddling with blankets and fuzzy kittens around a fire place. Everybody gets second chances.....we shall see...............................Gerry

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