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2021 June 4th: Scottsdale Brunch

I am happy to report that Brent Keil, Stan Petersen, Tom Nielsen, Bill Harbecke, Ron Grove and Gerry Bay survived the last 13 months through not just the pandemic, but the fiasco of the US politicians and health “experts” who attempted to guide us to a cliffs edge. We are remarkably unscathed, suffering only minor psychological condition. Brent Keil is working full week’s planograming GM sets and will soon take a 5 week break to visit Minnesota and do some fishing. I am sure he will be visiting Minnesota and witnessing first hand impact of freedom of speech. Stan is great and has been working on his golf game, especially his putting…what a perfectionist. Tom Nielsen has remarkably been bound to the valley of the sun for the year, but will soon undertake journeys to Des Moines to visit family and then with family become a buffalo whisperer in Yellowstone. Bill Harbecke has been supporting Fry’s and Walmart food pickup service and testing the credibility of Grub Hub and other service focused startups…seems he is less enamored with the ability of the fast food services and its ability to deliver a complete order. Ron Grove looks great, lost 12 pounds, and is getting their home ready for a kitchen remodel as the look forward to their summer trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. He is taking his fiddle and harmonica this time. Gerry Bay and Kathy Bay are joining their family in Oahu for a week in late June and will also fly to Paris where they will begin a river cruise to Normandy. I can’t wait to pick a fight on the airplane. Hope all is well with you all….Gerry

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