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2021 November 12th: Romeo Brunch

Wow, it was one spectacular day on the patio of the General Store as seven retired folk gather for some good food and friendship.

John Spellman recreated his college day look, except for the color of his hair, and I must say, pulled it off. Everything is going well with his family and his sports team catering business has come back wonderfully. His son who had a heart and lung transplant is living on his own and doing very well. The Spellman's have made a few trips to Maui, but nothing internationally for sometime.

Speaking of travel, Brent Keil will be leaving on November 26th with a large group to do a Christmas tour of Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. They will be returning December 11th..there will be 32 in their group…mostly from Minnesota. In April he and Carol will be going to Barcelona for 4 days then getting on a cruise ship to go to Monte Carlo and then Italy. The man is going wild.

Haven Ready, made a trip to the patio from his home in Sun City West…a little hike. In the summer he and Paula have a home in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. He said that he ran into a fellow named Darryl Schatz and was looking forward to getting together socially with he and his wife……The Schatz’s are quality. Haven doesn’t seem to miss Seattle to much and glad to experience the abundance of Sunshine in both locations.

Ron Grove made his first Fall appearance and he is a shadow of his former self. He has lost 40 pounds and looks great. They are in the final stages of remodeling their home and looking forward to enjoying it with their puppy Gracie.

Curt Larson looked pleased to be missing North Dakota’s first snow fall. He is never one to complain, but he didn’t hesitate to sit in the sunshine. He will be going home for the holidays and then returning to the Valley of the Sun.

Jimmie Willyard was a pleasant later addition...everyone loves to see that guy. He really looks relaxed…always grinning….

Greetings and best wishes to all veterans in the wonderful country!...Gerry

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