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2021 October 22nd: ROMEO Luncheon

It was a magnificent 80 degree and sunny day on the patio of the General Store where we had several visitors of note. The young man you see in the grey hat and sunglasses is none other than Jimmie

Willyard…yes the very same. He looked fantastic, obviously keeping up with his hiking…Sherrie is the family member who works out 6 days per week, but Jim does his part on the dusty trails. His family is doing extremely well and they had a family trip to Puerto Rico in June (unfortunately one granddaughter tested positive for COVID and couldn’t make it). They had rented a great house, with Chef of course. At the end of September, he and Sherrie were part of an engagement surprise by his son in Aspen Colorado. The son popped the question at the base and then the fiancées parents and Jim and Sherrie joined them for the celebratory evening. How fun would that be.

Dave Schoenbeck, a 9.7 golfer, also rented a home for his family this year in Savannah and looks to make that an event every two years because they had so much fun. Anybody want to join me to be a part of these two guys family outings?Dave continues to be extremely busy with his consulting business while also working out with a golf physical trainer and taking golf lessons…perfection is so difficult to achieve. They just had their 4th grandchild, a baby girl, and another is on the way, so their travels also include visits to Chicago and New Jersey for some face time.

Curt Larson just returned to the Valley of the Sun this week and looks relaxed as ever. He is having some tendinitis from constantly holding a drink in his right hand. He loves have a home in Mesa so he and his friend can just hop on a plane with a backpack anytime and live large. Next year he has travel plans for a cruise to Norway in September. Knowing him, that will be just the beginning.

Brent was a little delayed in attendance today because of a follow doctors appointment to go over some test results. Great to hear that he passed with flying colors…it was a challenge to keep Brent from climbing on the tables to sing and dance. He and Carol are still planning on going on a Christmas trip to Germany with his brother and sister=in-law. That will be a great, great adventure. As mentioned, they are still living in Gilbert and are beginning to review future options for residences…..Gilbert, Minnesota are just two of the candidates. Good for them!

Best to everyone and a wish for a happy, healthy week. Gerry

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