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2022 April 24th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a very windy day so our Romeo gathering was relegated to indoor just meant that we were closer to our food. We had a great turnout and were lucky to be able to see some whom we haven’t cast our eyes upon for some time. John Eversman just recently returned from a great golf outing with the likes of Tom Dieterle, Tom Friend, Bob Monroe, Dave Schoenbeck, Jake Jackson, Bob Potter, Scott Daniels and Neil Stacey. They have been gathering for 30 years to reminisce and swap ole tales. Always good to touch ole friends and see the years pass away, at least while we mingle. Tim Sauer, known for his three plate breakfasts, is recouping from cervical surgery, which has been an ongoing saga for a year. He just started driving again and is doing well…you can tell from his eating. Tom Friend was saying that he hasn’t been on a trip for some time and he really misses the travel. He is a veteran world traveler misses the friendly skies. Frank Stock is taking a break from making repairs to his home…at l

east until his pool required some attention. Oh, the pride of ownership. Frank is doing well, but he just wishes the stock market would calm a bit. Deone and Stan Petersen ventured in from Anthem. It is always good to see Deone. They have used their RV for a trip to Southern California to help a son prepare his house for sale…not much of a vacation. They just recently hosted family from Kansas City, for a week and ventured out to all that Phoenix has to offer. John Spellman looked great..he still has his college hair style…looks like he belongs in a Rock Band. Not much travel…perhaps a trip to Telluride and then to Maui to keep moving. His

family is doing well. Always great to see everybody. I will be forwarding on a video sent by Dan Quinn sharing information about and upcoming Savon gathering that should be a wonderful event.

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