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2022 February 4th: Romeo Brunch

It was a beautiful sunny day, but a slight chill in the air with temperatures at 58 degrees…, but nothing stops the harden from gathering by the stream for a little conversation. We had a great surprise in that Steve Page ventured in from Aurora Ohio modeling their native attire. Great to see him and find that everything is going well with the Page family.

Kevin Tripp moseyed in and great to hear that his family are also healthy, happy and successful. He hasn’t changed a bit, except for some slight gray coloring in his mustache…,must show wisdom. Ron Grove is searching bids for his second phase of a remodel…seems to go on and on. Brent Keil has been supply industry updates to the alumni web site…,not much goes on that he misses. Lee Hoekstra indicates that building is Prescott is running hot and fast. Sounds like the population has grown approximately 20% over the last several years. Frank Stock has been on a very fast treadmill while attempting to anticipate what is going to happen next in the stock market world… he looks older for some reason. Pat Johnston looked, as always, the same. Everything is going well with all…like most families, several members contacted mild cases of the virus but fared well. The Johnston’s are waiting with anticipation for their next family gathering..they have missed a couple of planned gatherings and are looking to get back on schedule. Curt Larson missed today's gathering because of omicron, but his symptoms are mild…..Hope everyone else is doing great! Gerry

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