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2022 March 4th: Romeo Brunch

The General Store patio offered a comfortable venue for 10 cohorts to commingle while breaking bread and other delicious entrees. Jerry Ostermann has finally entered the Valley of the Sun on his destination from Elmhurst. Frank Stock, showing wear and tear from his stock market battles of late, was happy to take a few minutes to enjoy his turkey burger. He also has been battling a residential foundation leak and problems with his septic system. Oh, the price of home ownership comes home to roost. Hopefully the solutions are on the horizon for both fronts. Brent Keil, one of the few who is still “working” as a hobby,is doing well and tells us that he has recently visited with two individuals from our past. Firstly, Bob Cook and his wife Diana joined the Keil's for a meal and Brent indicates that he looks to be in fantastic shape, while playing low handicap golf two times per week. Brent also talked with John Dvorak who sold his Naperville home and moved to Florida. He is enjoying the sunshine while sipping Manhattans on his patio. Kevin Tripp, looking as relaxed as ever, is honing his golf game by taking a few golf lessons. It appears his pursuit of perfection continues. Haven Ready, now that he and Paula are full time residents, are spending a lot of time remodeling their Arizona home. As most know, the hot real estate market is also driving demand for remodel work with supplies and workers in short demand…they waited 7 months just for their appliances. Fun stuff! Wes Gienger, visiting from South Dakota, is providing Julie Anne Walker Mr. Fix-it expertise for her lengthy work list. It seems that Julie Ann also just had knee surgery for her other knee, and is recovering well. Mr Ron Grove…yes, the one who lost 40 pounds) is still taking in bids for his phase two home remodel. Dennis Pierini is enjoying his annual snow bird living in the Fountain Hills area with his wife and very, very good friend and family member…Scandal, the golden retriever. Pat Johnston, is taking advantage of the sun and somewhat warm weather and is happy all his remodel work is in the past. He and Sandy donate time to Andre House in helping fix meals for the homeless. Such a tough situation that no one seems to have any real answers to. On a lighter note, we did spend some time talking about some of our local restaurants: Tutti Sante in the Kierland area; Vito’s..a new offering in the AJ's shopping center around Pima and Legacy; Oscars Taco Shop…N Scottsdale Rd and Deer Valley Rd…a great quality take out or fast food Mexican restaurant. Can’t beat good food or great people. Gerry

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