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2022 May 6th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a 90 degree day with plenty of pure sunshine on the patio today. However, we had just three sun devils who sat around a large table sharing up to date personal information. Jimmy Willyard, looking very distinguished and trim, shared stories of his grandchildren, the oldest of which is 13 years old……wow! Everyone is doing well, and his son, who lives in Chicago, is getting married this summer in Aspen, Colorado. When you have a parent like Jim, why not go for the top rung of the ladder. Jim, as father of the groom, is responsible for the rehearsal dinner and you should see the the menu: cheese sticks and wings for appetizers; tomato and onion salad with vinaigrette dressing, and chicken or beef tacos…rice and beans if selected…Makes you wish you were there. Mr Grove was looking good and wolfed down a large omelette with home fries. The second phase remodel is still coming some time in August or September. Liz has been a bit under the weather, but is doing much better. They are looking forward to their summer time in the Lake of the Ozarks.

We haven’t seen Brent since his world tour so we are still waiting for some photos and updates. Hope everyone is doing well. Gerry

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