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2022 October 28th: ROMEO Brunch

A beautiful day for brunch/lunch on the General Store Patio. We had four guest speakers today who were renown in their respective fields. Curt Larson,a highly experienced subzero climate change expert, just recently relocated to the Valley of The Sun for the next 5 months to organize all his test data on human survival in the tundra experiment. He is remarkable in how he had adapted in today's high tech environment even though most of his toes and finger tips have frozen off. He was surprised that his new Gilbert home was so impacted by the residual haboob dust left by several of the far east wind storms. Even the experts have to live and learn new tricks. Ron Grove, after spending years in the marketing and merchandising of appropriate clothing for the wandering fishermen of the Lake of the Ozarks boat people. They are unique creatures in that they do not exist on solid foods, but subsist on mostly liquid diets high alcohol. They can thrive on clear, brown, yellow, red or effervescent drinks…remarkable. Frank Stock, educated and trained in nuclear engineering made the small leap into financial forecasting and management. His minor in Psychology is fed from his observations of clients as they go through market fluctuations. He is constantly amazed at the fragility mankind when it comes to money. He has found that humor does not play a role in healing,but sobbing and hysteria are truly a panacea to the weak minded. Mark Panzers broad expertise cannot be done justice in this small writing. He just finished consulting with Walgreens in the acquisition of the small SavMart chain. As you know, he as with Jewel, Osco, American Stores, Albertsons, Sears,a specialty pharmacy, RiteAid & AlberstonsLLC. He is obviously very special in the break down of retail companies. I think I said that correctly. His boys are doing very well, with one just getting out of the military ready to move to his next adventure. Mark also specializes in home building in the times of shortages of materials, appliances and skilled labor... he specializes in patience. Gerry

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