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2023 February 17th: ROMEO Brunch

Friday, February 17th was a coolish, windy day in Scottsdale that directed the 9 attendees inside the confines of the General Store. A few visiting tourists required the group to wait outside with the soon to be flashing disc indicated “table ready”. It eventually look like a family gathering sitting around 2 adjourning oak tables pondering over menus for the choice of the day. You can tell by the smiling faces that everyone was pleased with their selection….omelets, reubens, waffles, eggs of choice etc. Arlyn has had several great weeks in Paradise Valley with guests and they barely realized the weather was cool after staying in a wonderful rental home. Pat Johnston is expecting daughter and granddaughter next week along with his sister for a wonderful visit. Angela, his daughter, is visiting from Oregon and so hard to believe how these kids have become adults with teenage plus children. Look at Curt and then ask if he is having a great time in his fairly new desert home…..come on! Wes Gienger is once again visiting Julie Anne from South Dakota. Always great to see Mr. Hoekstra and I am sorry I did not get to spend more time conversing with him. Mark Panzer is looking very fit and still going 100 mph……ok, maybe 65. Frank Stock has been fighting knee injections and PT and is soon finding his way back on the course. Brent is looking great and was the man in charge of table acquisition…well done. Although we have been gathering merely every 4 years so far, the quality of minutes shared with these people is second to none. Gerry

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