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2023 January 13th: ROMEO Brunch

There were 13 ole friends gathered on the patio of the General Store in 72 degree sunny weather in Scottsdale. I included a “selfie” after a landslide of requests, but I will not sign any copies. It was great to see Arlyn White after a years absence. He is spending a longer time, thru February, in the Valley of the Sun and welcoming friends to also enjoy, hopefully, typical desert weather. Curt Larson is back from the holidays in North Dakota and welcomes the short sleeved weather. They returned with a dog, who I am sure will be sleeping on Curts pillow at night. Also Kevin Tripp, a ghost, was in attendance, and hasn’t changed a bit. Well, he was picking his teeth with a bowie knife, so it is obvious that he has spent time alone in the wilderness. Mark Panzer is just finishing up his condo construction in Payson, I believe, and hopes see the end in about two weeks. It has only been a 19 month project. Jim Willyard was talking about his sons great wedding this last summer in Aspen Colorado. I saw a photo of the family affair and it was an amazing group of good looking people in an amazing setting. Of course, Jimmy is the epitome of a loving, guiding grandpa. Brent Keil as describing his 10 plus day stay in the hospital in December and very pleased to be feeling so good and looking so good I might add. Always something to keep our attention. Tom Nielsen and his family are doing well…hoping to begin some adventures soon. Dave Schoenbeck took some time away from his thriving consultant practice and his participation on the LIV tour. He and Pat Perez have taken the money and ran. Pat Johnston has been in the Valley for about two weeks and is beginning his competitive adventures into the world of pickle ball. You can find him standing on the corner of Thompson Peak and Hayden with a sign says….”you feel lucky” $10 a game. Frank Stock has been sidelined with some knee issues and going through some PT and will be trying the gel injections…..we need his money. Stan has recouped from a bad back and is back on the course looking for his game. Finally, it seems Ron and Liz are in the house selling business as theirs was listed beginning today. If you are interested, it is a beautiful home recently upgraded with million dollar landscaping. The other Black Mountain residents will have to conduct interviews of the prospective buyers to insure that they don’t make the same mistake a second time.

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