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2023 November 10th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a beautiful 70 degree day on the patio of the General Store where six; sturdy former retailers gathered to plan the next decade of activities. It was unanimous that we focus on physical activities rather than waste energy on cerebral endeavors. A Charter was created that included weekly runs up and down Camelback Mountain, an annual hike of Half Dome in Yosemite, a tour focused on hiking the paths between Cinque Terra in Italy finalized with a marathon in Singapore and New Zealand. Singapore was a replacement for the canceled event in Gaza as the roads are undergoing miles of reconstruction. Everyone will have an opportunity to sign up for the group or individual events.

It was great to see a slim Brent Keil and find that he was feeling much better after an incident where we had surgery on a broken foot, which caused a temporary cancelation of their European trip. He is focused on walking, reading , and preparing for future excursions. Tom Nielsen and family are well and are planning on a cruise to Egypt, leaving on March 29th. Optimism abounds that the situation around there will subside to allow the journey to stay on target. Amazing events in our world which, as usual, throw people of all makes into a tizzy. It would appear that a large number of our university students are taking classes in Protesting 101..It really isn’t that difficult because there is no homework or back ground necessary. You just have to bring your own face covering. There is no credit, nor is it a pass or fail, but it may limit your future options.

Jim Willyard looked great and we reminisced about his heart episode a few years back while on a 9 mile hike just off of 136th and Shea. His son in Chicago is just about to be a father with Jim and Sherry greeting another grandchild. Their oldest granddaughter is now fourteen…Wow! Jim, just returned from a 15 day road trip with a friend go to the National Parks in Wyoming, Montana and Utah. Upon his return he came down with Covid, but was back on his feet in a few short days. Ron Grove and Liz are currently residing in a rental home on Dynamite and Alma School while their new digs are being constructed and scheduled for completion in August of 2024. Ron had three grandkids at ASU and currently only has one junior. The oldest works for Garmin in Kansas City and the Granddaughter is apply to medical schools…another Wow!

Frank Stock is doing well still attempting to control the roller coaster financial world. He and Caroline are fine and doing some investing in update some home electrical work…doesn’t that sound great. It has taken him about six months to get the project going and it kicks off next week.

The Bays and family are doing well with out next worldly trip being next summer on our long awaited trip to Prague and along the Danube.

Best wishes to all. Gerry

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