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2024 February 2nd: ROMEO Brunch

The atmospheric rivers are flowing along with snows in the Sierra Nevadas, midwest and Northeast.  Not to be out done, Scottsdale was 55 degrees, rainy, cloudy and windy so the group was forced to take shelter inside the General Store.  There were nine fearless retirees who ventured out to regain the fellowship of hearty individuals searching for warmth, food and aimless discussions.  Most were on early release programs merely because they were harmless.  Curt Larson drove in from Gilbert/Mesa and was looking good while continuing to improve from his slight health issue.  He indicated he had played a round of golf and only fell down once.  Frank Stock had been suffering from being under the weather for several days but seemed ready to test out his new PXG irons.  Lee Hoekstra is still promoting his condo/golf complex in Prescott…I am still not sure how an individual transition from GM/Pharmacy retail to residential development.  Mark Panzer, still full of energy, is displaying a new look…a shave head with goatee.  Unlike Samson, his activity level is ever increasing.  He indicated that he has talked with Matt Miles and Dave Maher lately…Matt has had several health issues but maintains a positive life outlook.  Dave Schoenbeck, exhibited the consultant look with a glimpse of power golfer.  Good to see John Eversman…a man who never changes.  He too continues to venture out on the course and spend social time with the likes of John McGovern and Dave Biderman.  Ron Grove and Liz are patiently waiting for the building of their new residence target for late summer.  Stan Petersen, an 8 handicap, continues to travel to Kansas City, Denver and Ohio to visit family.  He, Deone and Eddy the puppy occasionally take their RV on road trips.  Pat Johnston indicates that Sandy and the rest of the family are doing very well.  He and Sandy make a wonderful trip to South Africa which include 3 days of travel on a sleeper train.  Victoria falls, Lions, Hippos, Elephants, Giraffes and an abundance of other wonder creatures were included in the adventure.  If you can survive the flights, your life will never be the same.  Sorry we could visit with more of you.

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