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2024 March 22nd: ROMEO Brunch

What a delightful day for our Romeo gathering on the patio of the General Store in 80 degree sunshine.  As you can see from the flowers and cactus and the experience faces we were well suited for out day in the sun.  Wes Gienger was very happy to be here rather than South Dakota to miss the late snow showers.  It has been a while since he has visited, but he found his way.  Lee Hoekstra came down from the mountain to show his peaceful countenance and keep us up to day on the condo golfing in Prescott.  Arlyn was in the Valley of the Sun later this season and we benefited from his being able to attend.  He has his son, daughter and son in law visiting he and Patty for a little golf.  Patty as given up her A game in tennis and is now focused on the mastering of her golf game. A surprise visitor was Bill Harbeck.  He looked great but indicated that he has his share of doctor appointments.  We traded stories about Monty Conrad and Don Scherr which brought several chuckles.  Tom Nielsen as here to let us know that he and his family will be living in a week or so for a vacation in Egypt for about 15 days. We were sure he was going to Gaza as well, but he said he was having a difficult finding lodging.  Jerry Ostermann was present and we all were catching up through his great story telling.  Mr Ron Grove, looking trim and svelt was a welcome sight.  I didn’t get to catch up to find out how he and Liz’s future build was coming along.  I believe mid summer is the target.  Rounding out our group was Stan Petersen, looking slightly as a professor with his gray coiffured beard. Things are well with them spending time with kids and grandkids while playing some golf….he is an 8.  Hope every has a wonderful and peaceful Easter.


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