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2024 May 24th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a typical spring afternoon on the nearly empty patio of the General Store as 6 extremely active , intelligent individuals gathered to share their most recent accomplishments.  Fortunately that did not take up a lot of time.  But we were able to catch up on the lives and family of all around this table.

Pat and Sandy are just several weeks from their Delaware return while their family experiences the excitement of grand children attending Universities, careers flourishing and eagerly enjoying worldly travels that stimulate insights and creativity.

Frank Stock continues to monitor the financial community while he and his wife are elders in a local Scottsdale church.  That speaks to the love and inclusivity of the Christian faith. 

Stan and Deone continue to give guidance to their Anthem community when monitoring the parking violations and the infractions at the recreation facilities.  Officially he is the Sergeant at Arms and holds the record for citations written.  They are eagerly awaiting their first grand child who is due in November of this year.

John McGovern and John Roehm took time off from their company to spend valuable time with ole friends.  John and Sharon eagerly spend much time with family and grand kids to experience academic and sports activities.  Johns oldest grand son to play in a baseball summer league for the ASU sun devils and then attending school and playing ball in the fall.  John Roehm has five grand children and quietly attempting to recruit some for wrestling in school.  After seeing John wandering around in his old school wrestling attire they seem resistant.  He looked great and the family is traveling a lot and enjoying every precious minute of family time. 

The best to all on this precious holiday of remembrance....Gerry

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