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2024 May 31st: JP Larson Recovery Update

From Tina today!

Left KU yesterday for Brookdale Rehab and Skilled Nursing.  Next place on our long journey. Hope he is a rockstar there so he can get to JOCO Rehabilitation Hospital where we wanted him but not ready for that yet. One  step at a time. You can visit  but  know that  he is not able to have a  full on conversation. The area affects communication among other things. Weekend would be best time because during the week he may be in therapy when you arrive. He enjoys seeing people.

Thank you for reaching  out and for your continued prayers.🙏❤️

His room is 308 if you visit. 

Cards may be sent to:

JP Larson

13911 Parkhill St

Overland Park, KS 66221

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