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Andy Bailey

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Andy Bailey...The Bailey family is doing well. Andy is very busy working on immunization/diagnostics and diabetes programs for BD with US retailer team.

Jane is creating wonderful pieces of art/jewelry and both of my children Danielle (26) and Allie (24) are working on careers in hospitality management and environmental engineering .We downsized to a single family HSA neighborhood in Franklin MA now that the children are moving on. We have a camp at Point Sebago in ME and we boat, golf, hike, ride quads, ski and play lots of competitive games with our friends and family. For our 30th wedding anniversary, We had a family vacation in Rome/Southern Italy for 10 days. Some of my fondest Osco memories were playing softball games against other stores while in operations. Working “all nighters” to get ready for a HOSOB (home office son of a bit....) visit. The Christmas parties, getting the store crew dressed up for Halloween and going out after work with colleagues at the local watering hole or parking lot!

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