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Bob Bickhaus

New Member Bob Bickhaus provides us with the update below:

I have been with Osco, now CVS/pharmacy for 35 years this year. I started in the Kewanee, Illinois Osco store #810 as a part-timer. Graduated from Illinois State with a Management Degree and worked all over the state of Illinois.

I live in Kewanee with my wife Marylee. My daughter Kim is married and working in the Chicago suburbs and son Chris is married and finishing his Law degree at the University of Missouri.

Marylee and I have hosted American Field Service (AFS) students from Brazil, Chile and Austria. It is an unbelieveable experience and would reccommend it to everyone.

Marylee Bickhaus, Romina from Chile, Clara from Austria, Bob Bickhaus

Mickey, Romina, Marylee, Linn from Germany, Clara, Bob. Minnie

I recognized many names and pictures on the web site and hope to see some of them soon!

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