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Brent Keil

Let me introduce myself to all the Osco/Sav-on Alumni members. After attending South Dakota State, graduating in 1965 with a BS in Pharmacy, I accepted my first job as a Staff Pharmacist with Osco Drug #831 in Rockford, Illinois. I was drafted and spent 3 years as the Head Pharmacist in Fort Gordon, Georgia. This 1500 bed Hospital was a great learning experience and I even filled prescriptions for Retired President Eisenhower. After my service in the Army, I started as a Management Trainee with Osco and spent 20 years in various management roles highlighted by managing the Highest Sales Volume Osco Drug store #905 Quincy Mass.

The last 20 years was with Osco Drug, American Stores and Albertson’s in the Health Care Departments. Category Management was my main focus and after 40 years with Osco, I retired. I accepted a job with Market Performance Group as a consultant and am still working for MPG . My current role with MPG is a Senior Retail Advisor using the skills I developed with Osco Drug to provide POG Support and Competitive Assessments for our analytic team.

Writing the “Industry News” for the Osco/Savon Alumni Group is an exciting job for the Alumni Club. I will try to focus on News involving past and present members of Osco Drug and Sav-on. If anyone has newsworthy articles, please send them to me at Many Former Employees have had exceptional careers post Osco and Sav-on and we want to share these on our NEW Alumni Website.

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