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Bunnie Guanci

Bunnie Guanci provides us with the following update:

Dear Fellow Alumni: Joe and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevadain July of 1995, about eight months after our daughter Jamie Lynn married. We had a tough time securing jobs but finally were each hired at depressing pay rates. Additionally, we were paying mortgages on two homes. We struggled financially for a few years. Our Addison, Illinois home sold approximately a year after the move. When our employers discovered our capabilities and work ethic we were promoted quickly and given substantial pay raises.

Our main reason for moving was degenerative osteoarthritis. While here, Joe has had knee, and hip replacement surgeries and fusion surgery on his back. He is somewhat disabled due to a dead nerve in his leg from the back surgery causing a “drop foot” therefore, he uses a walker to get around. I’ve also endured some surgeries, thyroid removal (suspected cancer – NOT), kidney surgery - removal of cancerous tumor (YES), replacements of both knees, carpal tunnel surgery both hands, and lap band surgery for each of us. We are grateful for the good health we have and the blessings bestowed upon us. No chemotherapy or radiation for me and eight (8) years cancer free. Our daughter Jamie, her husband Dan, and our two grandchildren, Anthony (now 12), and Olivia (now ten), moved to Henderson, NV 8 ½ years ago and live three miles away from us. Each of our homes have swimming pools and palm trees and we feel like we vacation every weekend from late April until early October. Being close to the Las Vegas Strip is also fun and the special deals for locals are super. The entertainment, and grandchildren keep us moving and young at heart.

We’re fortunate to have family and friends visit Las Vegas, and we love picking up people at the airport. We offer 2-3 day stays at our home, then on to a hotel for guests. Which is fun for all of us. Oftentimes, we join the guests at their hotels. My eleven years at Osco were an enjoyable learning/growing experience. The first part-time position I held was in the Compensation department, then promoted to the full time in the Construction department, next an assistant to the vice presidents of Finance and Distribution and from there to the Manager of the Collections department. I’ve now been retired for four (4) years which is wonderful having ended my career with Boyd Gaming Corporation after 12 years as an assistant to the Executive Vice President, General Counsel of the corporation. Life has been a wonderful gift so far, and I pray we are given several more of these blessed years. My best to all of you. Bunnie Guanci

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