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Cheryl Sacek

Cheryl Sacek…My family, Jake (the cat) and I are well. So far, we have not experienced the worst of the pandemic. I am lucky to be able to work from home, and Jake appreciates that I am home ALL THE TIME right now. We live in beautiful Rhode Island. The new normal is now commuting 5 days a week about 20 feet to my office. I definitely appreciate the new business casual look (not sure how I can ever wear dressier shoes again) and have mastered Zoom, WebEx, and Skype to a new degree. I love to travel and visit places and still was able to do so very carefully last year. I also enjoy the outdoors and working in my yard. Crafting, photography, and reading keep me occupied during quiet times. Vacations are each special in their own way; one recent Fall, I joined my dad in Tampa Bay. We had a great time exploring the city (I would go again) on my own and then with my dad once his business was done. One Hawaii trip was extremely memorable for the people who were there and also a very fun (and somewhat anxious) helicopter tour. There are too many great Osco/SavOn memories to count here. The people and overall culture of Osco/SavOn were the best. I have not experienced anything like since. When I was in Arizona, some of my favorites include our volunteer events with Habitat for Humanity. Who remembers the girls vs. boys build day? GIRLS RULE!

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