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Chuck Barth

Chuck Barth… I am recently retired and doing GREAT! Deb has been retired for over 10 years and serving as a "nana" for our 2 granddaughters. Michelle and her husband Andy have 2, our only 2 grandkids, Ruby is 11 and Lola is 9. They are still residing in the Chicago area, Montgomery to be exact. Our son Michael is married to Jennifer and they have no children, but have 2 miniature pincher dogs that they treat better than a child! They live near our daughter in Montgomery, as well. We recently, "in 2020", moved to the Phoenix area and reside in a beautiful golf course community called Tonto Verde in Rio Verde, AZ. just north of Fountain Hills and east of Scottsdale. For fun we Golf, golf and more golf. That's about all we were able to do since we moved here in February of 2020 and the COVID 19 pandemic hit the world. For vacations we have be fortunate to visit Italy 4 times and once we even rented a car in Rome and drove ourselves around Italy. We have also enjoyed several Viking cruises in Europe including one to Croatia and one through Germany for the Christmas Market and one to Portugal to enjoy a wine tour on the Duro River. My fondest memories of time spent with Osco was the people and culture that was created back then and now being able to reconnect with many of those acquaintances here in the Scottsdale area. Also the years that I lived and worked in the Northwest Region and the opportunities presented to me as I was promoted and transferred to many different locations and eventually to 1818 in Oakbrook

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