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“Crazy Days” at Osco

Well, someone has! Alumni club member Jerry Rivinius, a 46 year veteran of Osco and CVS/pharmacy, has put together in a book titled Crazy Days, a collection of stories and reminisces from his long career. Jerry retired early last year (2011). His career with Osco began in 1966 as a registered pharmacist at Grand Forks, North Dakota. In 1969, he moved into management at Watertown South Dakota, later serving as a first assistant at Watertown and then at the Manitowoc, Wisconsin store. He was promoted to store manager at the downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa store in 1974 and later opened the WestDale Mall store in Cedar Rapids. After serving as store manager at Freeport, Illinois for some years, he moved out west in 1992 to become a general manager in Billings, Montana. In 1998, at age 55, Jerry retired from store management. However, he soon decided that retirement wasn’t for him, He had always had a special interest merchandising within the beer and wine department, starting with his days at Freeport. He came back to work in Billings in the wine department, and managed what became, the largest wine department in the state of Montana. He is a true wine connoisseur.

After the stores were sold to CVS in 2006, Jerry was responsible for putting together the ads for the CVS stores in the state of Montana. Jerry’s wealth of experience and story telling ability will make his book an interesting read. While Jerry really didn’t write the book for the sales aspect of it, many people with a retail background will relate to it and enjoy it.

Jerry got permission from Dick George and Dave Maher to identify them in the book, but for the most part he only uses first names and even uses false names in some instances to avoid any embarrassment to the individuals involved. Since retirement, Jerry plays a lot of golf. On January 5, with the temperature at 65 in Billings, Jerry was out on the golf course. Jerry and his wife Lynda also do a lot of traveling, including many visits to visit daughters in Texas and Tennessee.

Ordering the book

There are several options to purchase a copy of Jerry’s book.

  • - Click HERE or go to and search the Books department for Crazy Days by Gerald Rivinius. Cost is $12.95 for paperback OR order the Kindle e-book for $2.99.

  • - Click HERE where you can order the Nook e-book for $2.99

  • If you would rather not purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you can send a check for $12.95 to Jerry Rivinius at:

4423 Rangeview Drive Billings, MT 59106-4721

Jerry cannot process credit cards

The cost of shipping is included in the $12.95

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