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Dan Quinn

On April 3, 2011 nearly 200 friends, family and former Sav-on colleagues attended a retirement party and dinner at the Yorba Linda Community Center in Yorba Linda California to commemorate Dan Quinn’s retirement from CVS/pharmacy,

Dan Quinn started as a part-time clerk at Sav-on Drugs in February 1969 at Sav-on #15 in Norwalk, California. During his years with Sav-on, Dan worked in several store management positions, including general manager (store director) at California stores #3009, #3135, and #3652, and in several central management (out-of-office) positions of Company Customer Service Manager, Western Division Safety Manager, Swift Team member and Drug Division Service Operations Manager, After the 2006 Albertsons break-up, the Sav-on and Osco freestanding stores were sold to CVS/pharmacy and Dan remained with CVS in the position of Regional Category Specialist for Photo and Beauty up through November 30, 2010.

Guests who flew in for the April event included Terry Maloy (Iowa), Ray Delcourt (Illinois) and Patty Nelson (San Francisco). Alumni club members who attended the event included Kathy Baier, Lois Caltabiano, Maury Freidson, Ellie James, Barbara Kibby, Patricia McGrath, Bob Potter, Don Romney, John Terry and Debbie Veale. Those who worked with Dan at Sav-on Drugs, American Drug Stores, Albertsons Drug division and CVS/pharmacy know him as a highly energetic individual, a people motivator and intensely passionate about customer service. Dan joined the alumni club in February -- we are delighted to have him as a member. He has volunteered to help the club organize alumni events in Southern California and to assist in keeping Sav-on culture alive. Unsurprisingly, Dan’s retirement did not last very long. He recently joined Vons (a Southern California division of Safeway) in their accelerated management program. We wish Dan the best of luck in this new position at Vons.

Dan tells us:

42 years after I started as an Ice Cream dipper, my career ended in a 20 minute conversation with my boss and 2 HR types. “Your job has been eliminated”. That was it…but really it wasn’t. When I told Annie (my wife) what had happened, she said “I always wondered who would be coordinating your retirement dinner. Now that you aren’t going to get one, I’m going to throw one for you!

Since I wasn’t ready to “retire” yet, Annie decided to make it a celebration of my 42 years in the business and from that launching point we knew what we wanted to do. We sent out invitations to about 250 of the amazing folks I’d been lucky enough to work with over the years and started planning an evening that was really more of a Family Reunion than anything else.

What a turnout! Almost 200 people came and it was such a perfect opportunity for everyone to get to talk to the many friends they had made over the years and who they never get a chance to see anymore.

We had soft background music with Ray Delcourt as our Master of Ceremonies and he did a great job of making everyone comfortable but always encouraging everyone to visit and enjoy each other’s company; that was the number one goal of the evening.

Just before dinner I brought Annie and my children and our 12 grandchildren up on the stage and introduced my “real” family to my “work” family. It was such a special moment, I’ll never forget it. After dinner I talked with the group about what an honor it was to have so many wonderful friends come together and that I felt like the luckiest man in the world to be able to say that I knew every single one of them and that it was the relationships I made over those 42 years that never made it feel like I was going to work!

With this evening as the launching point, we will begin working with the Osco Sav-On Alumni club to hold future get-togethers in the Southern California area, because it was very obvious that there are “Tons” of us who miss each other and who really found our years working together very special indeed!

1: Freda Bowers & Daughter Ann Hoefert

2: Bruce Smith, Scott & Luann Daniels, Joe DiCarlo

3: Don Romney, Tony Pagano

4: Mr. & Mrs. Louis Escarcega, Meghan Bartholomew & Son (Peter B.'s Grandson!)

5: Mr. & Mrs. John Terry, Patty Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Godlasky

6: Caroline Whately, Veronica Cueva, Blanca Sisneros, Valerie Soriano, Margaret Holguin

7: Mike Kloster, Al Pineda & Marci Amen, Karen Dauven

8: Paul Stott, Karen McCloskey, Mike Haindel

9: Maritza Sandoval, Shushma Patel, Sarah Brady

10: Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Guerrero, Bob Potter, Stephanie Mills & Kids

11: Sue Tandy, Karen & Bill East

12: John & Trudy Seymour

13: Jerry Tandy, Dominic Leung, Sue Tandy, Rosemary Bacerra, Karen and Bill East

14: Jan & Steve McCain, Ellie James

15: Catina & Ellis Renteria (Dan's Step Daughter)

16: Chad Gueits & Ann Quinn

17: Catina Gueits & Emily Garcia

18: Dan & Annie

19: Dan & Mr. & Mrs. Dean Taghaboni

20: Mike Quinn, Steve Quinn, Jeanne Quinn, Kari Quinn

21: Ken & Tina Han

22: Barb & Chuck Kibby, Suzy Crescenzo & Rafaela Alverez

23: Dan's Big Brother, Mike Quinn

24: Doug Piper, Scott Knauer, Ken Weber

25: John & Nadine Tully

26: Steve & Carol Newgard, Patrick and Yadira Rinaldi, Chris, Michael Pena

27: Nancy & Karl Obenberger & Sandy Stark

28: Edna Weber, Roberta Freidson, Bob & Louise Sasine

29: standing-Patty Lopez, Connie Gutierrez, sitting-Thomas Stephenson, Gina Soriano

30: Helen Alread (seated), and Wendy Balzar

31: Patty Nelson, Maury Freidson, Wendy Balzar, Helen Alread, Don Romney, Thomas Stephenson

32: Stephanie McMackin, Joe LaPine, Kathy Baier, Earl Robinson & Stan Fear

33: Manisha Patel & friends

34: Paul Kenner, Bob Peterson & Michelle Hernandez

35: Bruce Smith, Bob Peterson, Michelle Hernandez and Paul Kenner

36: Barbara Hernandez, Nadine & John Tully

37: Mr. Jack Silver

38: Mr. & Mrs Wachtel, Lois Caltabiano, Paulette DeWire

39: Susan Wachtel, Lois & Beau, John Terry, Maury Freidson, Patricia McGrath

40: Susan Wachtel, Lois Caltabiano & Beau, Paulette DeWire (seated)

41: Suzy Crescenzo, Rafaela Alverez & Robert Wiltfang

42: Christie Manshack & Cindy Simmons

43: Christie Manshack, Cindy Simmons, Fred Ream, Doug Piper & Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Guerrero

44: Stephanie Mills & Kim

45: Kiki Boutte, Jeannette Garcia, LaSchelle Low

46: Dan & Family

47: Mr. & Mrs Carl Decker, R.L. Call, Gary Call

48: Mr. R.L. Call

49: Mr. & Mrs. Decker, Dan, R.L. and Gary Call

50: Carl Decker, Dan & R.L. Call

51: Dan & R.L. Call

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