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Dan Quinn

We are pleased to announce that member Dan Quinn has been named Sav-on coordinator and will lead efforts to drive membership activities and organize regional social events for our California and Sav-on alumni. Below is an update from Dan.

May 11th was an absolutely beautiful day, the temperature was just right, warm but comfortable. This was my 19th year bringing a team to this great event, and just as every other time...It Was a TERRIFIC DAY!!! It's really hard to describe what it's like to be part of a group of 30,000 plus people all walking on behalf of the women we love, in support of many who are fighting for their lives, and in memory of many whom we have lost to these terrible diseases. During the opening ceremony, there were many celebrities, among them Halle Barry who has been here about 10 years in a row now and this year's Celebrity hosts, Andy Garcia, Brooke Anderson and Julie Bowen and each one of them spoke passionately about what this fight means to them.

There were many moving speeches about why we have been coming to the Revlon Run Walk since it started 20 years ago, but nobody's speech was more powerful than that of Dr. Dennis Slamon, Director of the UCLA Cancer Research Center which has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the Walk. This is the Research Center behind the development of Herceptin, the single most revolutionary gene therapy developed in the fight against women's cancers.

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