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Dan Quinn / Vice President

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Vice President

I started dipping ice cream cones in 1969 at Sav-on Drugs. I worked my way up to Store Manager in 1979 at store 135 in Bell, Ca. I was Manager there for 11 years and then was promoted to Customer Service Manager for the L.A. Region in 1991. I continued as the Customer Service Manager for LA, than for all of ADS as well as the Safety Manager in the West from 94 till 97 when I returned to the stores in Whittier Calif. After 6 years in the stores, I joined the Swift team in Boise as the Drug Division representative and finished my tour with the Albertson's Drug Division as the Service Operations Manager.

After the CVS acquisition, I became the RCS for Region 65 for Photo and finished as the RCS in Region 72 for Photo and Beauty. It was a fantastic 42 years, but my good fortune continues.

After working for a short time for Vons markets, thanks to Peter Bartholomew and Patty Nelson, and then at Rite Aid, thanks to Hector Barron, I landed at Easter Seals Southern California where I got to spend my energies working for one of the most wonderful organizations I've ever encountered. We had a tremendous Team of individuals focused on assisting adults and children with disabilities to live the best lives possible. I felt truly blessed to be part of this great organization, just as I did all those years with the Sav-on/Osco Family.

After 8 wonderful years at Easterseals, I branched out as an independent consultant specializing in the focus on people that has been my passion all these years and don't you know, my first customer hired me so today I'm the COO at Water Saver Solutions, a small company making a Big difference for our customers!

I'm still teaching my Customer Service classes, now for a Non Profit named SCORE that helps Entrepreneurs getting into business, and loving every minute I get to share the many lessons all of you taught me.

Annie and I have been together for over 32 years now and she is still the light of my life! And… we have 12 amazing grandkids!

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