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Dan Quinn / Vice President

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Vice President

I started dipping ice cream cones in 1969 at Sav-on Drugs. I worked my way up to Store Manager in 1979 at store 135 in Bell, Ca. I was Manager there for 11 years and then was promoted to Customer Service Manager for the L.A. Region in 1991. I continued as the Customer Service Manager for LA, than for all of ADS as well as the Safety Manager in the West from 94 till 97 when I returned to the stores in Whittier Calif. After 6 years in the stores, I joined the Swift team in Boise as the Drug Division representative and finished my tour with the Albertson's Drug Division as the Service Operations Manager.

After the CVS acquisition, I became the RCS for Region 65 for Photo and finished as the RCS in Region 72 for Photo and Beauty. It was a fantastic 42 years, but my good fortune continues.

After working for a short time for Vons markets, thanks to Peter Bartholomew and Patty Nelson, and then at Rite Aid, thanks to Hector Barron, I landed at Easter Seals Southern California where I get to spend my energies working for one of the most wonderful organizations I've ever encountered. We have a tremendous Team of individuals who are focused on assisting adults and children with disabilities to live the best lives possible. I feel truly blessed to be part of this great organization, just as I did all those years with the Sav-on/Osco Family.

I'm still teaching my Customer Service classes, now for a Non Profit named SCORE that helps Entrepreneurs getting into business, and loving every minute I get to share the many lessons all of you taught me.

Annie and I have been together for over 25 years now and she is still the light of my life! And… we have 12 amazing grandkids!

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